/ / 2019 Malibu Wakesetter 22MXZ Wakeboard Wakesurf Boat

2019 Malibu Wakesetter 22MXZ Wakeboard Wakesurf Boat

2019 Malibu 22MXZ

  • Make: Malibu
  • Model: 22MXZ
  • Type: Wakesurf Wakeboard Surf
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Parsons, Kansas, United States


Up for sale is my 2019 Malibu 22 MXZ. This boat isbeautifuland the best performingwake boat i have ever owned!!! Boat still smells new and runs awesome of course.Thisis your chance to own a 155-160,000.00 boat for $115,000!!!!
Heres thestory on this one. I purchased the boatfrom a auction and at the time it was brand new. Had 0 hours on it. Had never even had a set of batteries put in it. Everything wasstill in shrinkwrap and factory packaging. The boat had sustained some fiberglass area mainly on top rear corners, tower, and tower area on hull.. Werepaired all the damage on the boat, fiberglass, paint, etc. A very meticulous job was done. on tower mounting areas this was actually built up abt 2 to 3 times thicker than what is was from the factoryand backed on the inside tower mounting hardware with much heavier dutyaluminum backing than whatthey even use form the factory also. Boat was originally gray and white on sides and back. Ipreferred the gray look over the grey/white which is the color we went back withand itturned out awesome looking. There are a few veryand i mean very smallblemishes here and there but 99% of people if anywould never even notice them ifsomeone did not point themout. Due to the damage it sustained there were some spider cracks inthe original fiberglass that were sanded outhowever in the right lighton a few spots you can see where these were. But i mean in perfect lighting looking at the right anglevery closely. Overall the boat look likemillionbucks. The one thing that wedid not getback perfect was the tower hinge latches. They way these are designed if they are off just a very small hair they are a pain to gettower into theperfectposition to strike and latch and due to somethingtweaked im assuming slightly on tower it is causingthis. Once we raised thetower and latched it into position ididn't dare undo it because if it isunlatched lowered and re raisedI'm assuming its going to be a pain to get lined up tore-latch. I wouldsuggest just leaving it up which most people do all the time anyways even for storage. Its just notworth thehassle to lower it.Allof that being said this is a great boat, looks amazing, runs amazing, and ispractically still brand new as i have only put abt 7 1/2 hours on it. I am using it every weekend so it will probably get a few hours on it per weekenduntil it sells.Boat comes with full factory cover also. I have a ton of more pics of the boat if needed that i can send. Bottom line you can own this boat that has had a few repairs for $35-$40,000 less than a comparable new 22MXZ!!!! I was told by my local Malibu dealerthat if i brought it up to them and paid the 750.00 fee to transferwarranty that theywould giver me full factory warranty on it till 2024. Im not guaranteeing the buyer this can be done but that is what they told me. I chose not to do it so that whoever buys itwould have a opportunity to do this. I was told only a certain number of buyers couldtransfer warranty so ididn'twant to knock the next buyer out of the opportunity. If you haveanyconcernsjust call you Malibudealer,give them the vin, and ask them if they will do this for you. Also if you have any reservations please feel free to come and inspect theboat in person or have a 3rd party inspector come check it out. If you do nothave funds in place to pay for this boat please do not hit the buynow button. Feel free to call meanytimeor text 903-736-1407
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