/ / 2005 Mastercraft X45 NEW 8.1L engine with 2 YEAR FULL WARRANTY.

2005 Mastercraft X45 NEW 8.1L engine with 2 YEAR FULL WARRANTY.

2005 Mastercraft X45

  • Make: Mastercraft
  • Model: X45
  • Year: 2005
  • Location: Conroe, Texas, United States


CLIFFNOTES version (TL; DR) -

Boat is in excellent condition. Has a brand new engine that is fully warrantied for 2 years (both parts and labor) starting near the end of the 2018 season. New audio system, and all major components replaced since i've owned the boat (all under warranty still). Roughly 40 hours on the new engine, and receipts for everything that i've done to the boat. All work done by a reputable dealer, and i've spent $24,000 on the engine and other components (and kept all receipts; i'm happy to show them to the potential buyer). Boat is mechanically in EXCELLENT condition - not a problem. Shifts in and out of gear and with a new engine, performs flawlessly.

For sale is my 2005 Mastercraft X45 with the 8.1L V8. The boat is fully optioned, and in exceptional working order (mechanically and cosmetically).

The boat needs nothing – it’s ready to provide you and your family with a fun summer, and many more to come

I would rank it as follows:

  • External cosmetics (hull, gelcoat, fiberglass) – 9.8/10

  • Internal cosmetics (seat cushions, interior) – 9.5/10

  • Mechanical (electronics, auxiliary systems – ballast, bilge, lights) – 9.8/10

  • Drivetrain (engine, transmission, V-drive, cooling system) – 10/10

I have seen 2015 and 2016 model boats that aren’t in as good condition as this boat is.

This boat has the 8.1L Indmar (Designation “L18”) high-output V8.

That means it has 425HP and more torque than you’d ever need. For a boat this big, rated at 18 passenger, I am a firm believer in needing this engine (which was the largest engine option available – the other two being the 5.7L and 6.0L).

At around 500 engine hours it was determined the engine should get rebuilt, as while the engine still ran just fine, there was lower compression in one of the cylinders, and without knowing what the previous owner(s) had done to the boat (I’d owned it about a year and put about 100 hours on it at this point), I decided to just get it rebuilt. Once the engine was pulled, it became apparent that at some point in its past it had ingested water, as two of the valves were bent, and the intake manifold gasket had a leak.

I have always tried to fix the boat the right way any time there was a problem, so I told the dealership to ORDER A NEW ENGINE and install it – this was the most expensive of the repair options available by far, but I wanted it done right. At the same time, there was some other work that just made sense to do with the engine out. This included the new fully assembled longblock engine (with a 2 year parts and labor warranty) ($13,500 parts and install), new exhaust risers and exhaust manifolds ($1300 parts), new muffler ($900 parts), new fuel pump ($1800 parts and install), new shifter assembly, new steering assembly, etc.

Since I was spending so much on the boat, I decided to upgrade the existing (stock) audio system to a Wetsounds system. I spared no expense in this area either, and spent an additional $7,000 on components and installation by a Wetsounds licensed installer/dealer.

I have spent, this year, $24,000 on all the parts and labor. Receipts kept for everything.

The boat runs like a DREAM – not a single problem.

Steering, engine, ballasts, throttle, audio, everything works PERFECTLY.

What makes it even better is the engine is FULLY WARRANTIED (both PARTS AND LABOR) for 2 years. The warranty is fully transferrable to the new buyer.

Furthermore, all components (such as fuel pump, audio system, etc) are also under full parts warranty


It is still in the break-in period.

I am selling the boat as I am likely going to be moving up north, and will have no need for the boat. The title is CLEAN AND CLEAR and IN HAND (there is no lien on this boat). I don’t want to move with a boat still stuck in a storage shed down south.

Trailer was serviced several months ago and has no problems either (paid over $1000 on a full service of the trailer surge brakes). I replaced the winch and jack stand with Fulton components ($500) a few months ago as well, as well as the ‘ramp-n-clamp’, which makes docking the boat a breeze.

I am proud of the fact that I have kept receipts for EVERYTHING done on this boat, and ALL work performed has been by a licensed and reputable boat dealer. I would be happy to provide the receipts to the buyer.

I would also be more than happy to get you in touch with the dealer that has done the work. The service manager would be able to tell you all the work that’s been performed, and confirm that I have not cut any corners with this boat or any of the repairs it’s ever needed, and that it’s in perfect working order.

When I first got the boat, there were a few dings and scrapes here and there. I had them all fixed by the dealership when I first got the boat.

The only imperfection on the exterior of the boat is the "X" logo. Most people just remove the logo, as it's a vinyl sticker. While the hull of the boat has aged, the sticker has not - it looks good from 10 ft away, but up close you can see scratches and scuffs in it, including one scratch that's a foot long. I want to just remove the sticker (as most do), but figured the buyer may want the original sticker on it, so that's the only reason I've left it on. If the buyer wants it removed, I will have it professionally removed and the hull buffed and waxed as part of the selling process - at no cost to the buyer. I don't believe they had these large stickers on boats past 2005, so removing the sticker and adding the later model X45 logos makes it look a lot more 'modern'

A few weeks ago I took it to another Mastercraft dealer and paid them to look it over, take it out on the lake, and ensure there were no issues. It came back with a clean bill of health from them (that it runs, drives, and shifts in and out of gear like it should).

Again, no expense has been spared on this boat. As long as I’ve owned it, it’s been trailered and stored in an enclosed boat storage, in its own stall. Batteries are put on a battery charger/maintainer, and the boat has NEVER (and I mean never) been put up wet. Time is spent at the end of each outing wiping down the entire boat (outside and inside), cleaning the windshield, and the boat is stored with all hatches and seats propped open so any residual moisture can dry out.

I have not met anyone that takes as good care of their boat as I do. That’s the reason this boat, while 13 model years old, still looks as good as it did new.

Boat comes with (options):

  • 8.1L V8 Engine High-Output (425HP)

  • Two (2) heaters (hoses pull out from under seat)

  • Front and rear docking lights (Light bar up front, and 2x lights facing rear)

  • Three stock ballast tanks (rear port, rear starboard, and mid KGB tank)

  • Hot/Cold transom shower

  • Bow cushion (makes the bow area one big sundeck)

  • Removable ski pylon

  • Bimini top with EXTENSION (separate piece that doubles the length of the standard bimini top)

  • Perfect Pass (cruise control)

  • Rear electronic trim tab

  • Pump with dispenser for wake/ski boot lube

Over the last season I have replaced all of the following:

  • Both bilge pumps with high-output pumps

  • The rudder and steering assembly (piston)

  • The entire rudder and underwater gear (last year – noticed there were some light fiberglass cracks where the rudder meets the boat; even though this didn’t affect the operation of the boat – I spent $7000+ having it fixed by the dealer, all new components)

  • All new gauges (the existing ones had light cracks in them so I replaced ALL of them- speedometer, RPMs, voltage, fuel, oil pressure, engine temp, etc)

  • Electronic orange flag deploy (shoots the flag up from the tower, and electronically retracts it too)

  • The complete engine, riser, exhaust, and muffler, as described in earlier section

  • Misc other engine components (fuel pumps, alternator, etc)

  • New carpet (I rarely use it, but it will come with the boat)

  • The shifter assembly (new shift handle and entire assembly), and throttle cable

  • Trailer jack and trailer winch

  • “Ramp-n-clamp” to make docking the boat a lot safer

  • The lining on the back swim platform

  • Spare tire with Mastercraft tire cover

  • Two new batteries

  • Ballast pumps and hoses

Audio components installed (all of the below are new):

  • Rockford Fosgate amp powering a 12” Pioneer subwoofer

  • Wetsounds SYN-DX6 amplifier (driving 4x cabin speakers and 1x 10” subwoofer)

  • Wetsounds REVO 10” subwoofer

  • Fusion MSRA70NI head unit (with 2 zone and Bluetooth)

  • TWO (2) Fusion MSNRX300 remotes (one by driver console, and one at transom)

  • JL Audio 750/1 amplifier (driving tower speakers)

  • Wetsounds REV10 speakers (TWO) on tower

  • Wetsounds WS-420SQ Equalizer with PA microphone (mounted by driver console for easy access)

  • Only existing equipment on the boat are the four (4) cabin speakers, which, although powered by a new amplifier (the Wetsounds DX6) sound great, so I didn’t see a need to replace them.

For the buyer, the boat will come with over $3000 in extra equipment (wakeboards, props, lifevests, etc)
All standard equipment (anything bolted down), as well as:
  • Mastercraft boat cover ($750)

  • Cockbit and bow snap-in cover

  • Igloo marine ice chest (under seat)

  • Two (2) anchors

  • An extra prop ($600) with a prop puller kit ($120)

  • Multiple docking rope, ski ropes, wakesurf ropes

  • Multiple lifevests

  • Multiple “fat sacs” with an electronic pump

  • Multiple surf boards, wake boards, etc ($2000+)

  • Two inflatable 'islands', and a HUGE pink inflatable 'flamingo' (fits several people on it)

  • Misc accessories that are on the boat (air horn, emergency first aid kit, marine toolkit, etc)

Before the buyer picks the boat up, I will make sure it has had a full service (both the boat and trailer), is washed waxed and buffed, and has a full tank of gas (90 gallons).

Boat located in Conroe, TX (just north of Houston). I will not be responsible for shipping or trailering the boat for the buyer, but would be happy to work with the buyer to either ship it or deliver it personally within a reasonable and pre-determined distance.

You are welcome to see the boat (or operate it) if you will meet me in Conroe, TX. I am confident the new owner of this boat will not be disappointed. You’re getting a boat with a brand new engine and all major components replaced, under full parts AND labor warranty for the next 2 years, for LESS THAN HALF the cost of a boat the same size.

Open to all reasonable offers. I realize this is still not a new boat, but please don't compare this boat to the value of other 2005 boats. There is not another 2005 model X45 in the condition of this boat, and the fact this boat has a full engine and other main components with only 40 hours on it (along with the warranty, which gives the buyer full peace of mind forjust under 2years) counts for something.

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