/ / Bayliner 27' Buccaneer sailboat PROJECT

Bayliner 27' Buccaneer sailboat PROJECT

1977 Bayliner Bucaneer

  • Price: Contact seller
  • Make: Bayliner
  • Model: Bucaneer
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Year: 1977
  • Location: Merritt, North Carolina, United States


I purchased this Bayliner Buccaneer 27, dual axle trailer, and Johnson 9.9 HP Sailmaster engine on Ebay July of 2015. The pictures on the listing were very boat especially of the boat and the motor. I purchased it strictly for the trailer and was very have with the price I paid as I figured the trailer is worth $2,000! I was expecting to just give away or donate the boat and motor as I figured they COULDN'T be worth anything for the price the seller was asking! All I wanted was the trailer as they are very hard to find and expensive when you can eventually find one. The boat is registered in Tennessee, they do not require titles or registration for boat trailers or motors so I do not have a title or registration on either of them. I will transfer the TN registration and provide a notarized bill of sale for each item separately if that is what you prefer. The first few pictures are from when I cleaned her up in August of 2015, she has been sitting (with her hatch covered) underneath some huge pecan trees and is EXTREMELY DIRTY, as a matter of fact she looked exactly like she does today when she showed up on my doorstep! She will clean up mine and look great when you are done1 I had the boat delivered and was extremely surprised to see that the motor was in excellent condition and the boat was certainly worth putting some time into an do some sailing! I had great intentions to rebuild the interior at least enough to have a great day sailor BUT as usually happens I find other projects that take all my time and money. I purchased a 38' Catalina that was in really good shape so that took care of my sailing "fix", and now I just purchased a 43' Beneteau that is a fixer-upper too. I finally realized that I am NOT going to get around to working on this Bayliner 27 so I might as well pass the torch on to someone else! My opening bid is exactly what I paid for the boat and the delivery costs to NC. I STILL figure the trailer alone is worth $2000.00, the engine is worth a minimum of $800.00, and just the parts of the Bayliner (mast, winches, sails, cushions, elect panel, etc.) are worth a minimum of $500.00. This Bayliner would be an awesome winter project, it seems like it would be simple enough to build a couple of wall and bench seats for the interior. You would at a minimum have to build the walls because they help support the mast and carry the load to the floor. Its pretty simple and I can tell you how to do it if you don't already know.
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