/ / 1971 Ericson 39

1971 Ericson 39

1971 Ericson 39

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ericson
  • Model: 39
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Year: 1971
  • Location: Tacoma, Washington, United States


The Ericson 39 was one of the new ocean racer/cruises of the early 70's. Her fast Bruce King designed hull was 'cool' and distinctive, as it was flush deck with port lights in the side of the hull. The 39's were fast with a moderate draft, swept back keel and rudder. Due to the high-sided flush deck hull/deck form, there was a lot of interior volume with made the popular as fast cruisers.

The vessel has a nineties Yanmar replacement engine with only 770 hours!!

For aDIY, youmay need to invest approximately $5000-$6000 to repair the issues listed below. The sister ship to this vessel just sold a month ago, in the same area, for $29,000. With a little initiative and elbow grease, this could be a $30,000 vessel. This is a spacious vessel andwould make a great live aboard.

Located at Foss Harbor Marina

Last week we had the vessel inspected by a professional surveyor and his comments on the current condition of the vessel are below:

I spent some time on the 1971 Ericson 39 today and made a list of issues that I noticed. They are mainly safety and structure related. The boat is in reasonably good shape for its age, Ericson built a good boat, but the list is still fairly long.

The steering wheel is stiff and hard to turn. This may be due to a large amount of growth on the bottom of the boat and rudder.

The winches don’t spin easily and need to be rebuilt.

One of the cockpit scuppers has been sealed up and abandoned. The related valve beneath the cockpit needs to permanently capped, or the scupper could be restored. Loosing this scupper limits the boats suitability for offshore use.

There are voids and areas of de-lamination in the top of the bridge deck and the vertical face of the bridge deck is not well sealed.

Ericson has an impressive chain plate structure that consists of a steel cage that wraps around the bottom of the inside of the boat and up both sides. Access is limited but where I could see it there were heavy layers of rust peeling off of it in the bilge area.

Plastic slip joint drain fittings below the galley sink are not suitable for use so close to the waterline and should be replaced with well secured marine hoses.

The hose on the floor drain in the head has collapsed.

There is a partial bulkhead on the port side of the salon that has several areas of rot in it. There is also rot in a self just aft of this bulkhead and outboard.

The batteries are poorly installed, i.e. not to ABYC standards.

The ice box is holding water and does not appear to have a drain.

The upholstery is dingy and dated looking.

The configuration of the propane locker is illegal and potentially dangerous.

There are dull sounding areas of deck core around some of the chain plates.

The red running light and the steaming light are not working.

The companionway hatch trim is broken so that the boat cannot be locked.

There is a huge amount of marine growth on the bottom.

I did not start the engine, light the stove, or turn on the refrigeration.

This vessel was donated to one of the finest charities in America by a very generous benefactor. We sincerely hope that the winning bidder appreciates a great vessel for an exceptional value!

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