2002 Tracker TUNDRA

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  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Tracker
  • Model: TUNDRA
  • Type: Bass
  • Year: 2002
  • Location: Sardinia, Ohio, United States


I have well over $5,000 in receipts on all the maintenance and repairs that have been done on this boat, some of it recently. I know every bit of service history on this boat as I am the second owner and my father-in-law ordered the boat and I was with him when he ordered it and with him when he picked it up and I fished with him most of the time on it.
2002 Tracker Tundra 18 WITH a 115HP Mercury EFI 4 stroke & matching trailstar trailer with folding/ swing tongue. Trailer has some nicks in paint from the road. Comes with brand new cover for boat.-Clear title
- These Boats were only made a few years.
- I have over $5,000 in receipts in repairs and upkeep and I can prove these receipts I even have the original paperwork where he bought/ordered the boat for $25,000. It was the upscale model that year.
- Compression was checked new injectors just put in spark plugs and oil even comes with a full tank of fuel.
-I am the second owner my father-in-law ordered this boat.
-These boats are super rare and they are made of a stretched aluminum alloy material it is not fiberglass however it does have the look and feel and ride of fiberglass they even used an automotive paint process to adhere the paint.
I have all of the original brochures and literature explaining How These boots were manufactured.
- Has a $600 Bimini top that is only about 4 years old. It is pretty clean.
- Brand new fuel injectors spark plugs steering cables that now make it rack and pinion.
-Bunks and carpet redone in 2015. The side bunks / rails are a little dirty but I should have pressure wash them a little better it will all come clean you can see the pressure washer marks.
- The depth finder is color and has built-in GPS. It also comes with a second depth finder for the will state all. Comes with a third depth finder which is identical to the big color one, but it is not functioning and you can have it rebuilt for $250 if you would like I already called hummingbird.
- Has a ton and I mean a ton of storage.
- Boat has never been in brackish or saltwater and has honestly been in Canadian water more than it has Ohio water.
- Brand new trailer tires with receipts.
- Trolling motor was brand new one year ago this month.
- All the batteries are from 2012 but have been maintained and all charged excellent I would not replace until they go completely out to be honest.
- the seats have no tears on them whatsoever but do have a few marks on them as well as on the carpet but it looks exceptional for its year. I just pressure washed the carpet so you may see a few pressure wash marks in it but those are not tears or anything like that.
- The console had some light cracking because it is made of fiberglass, I repaired it but you can see a few ripples here and there because I am not a body man. There may be a little over sprayif you get really picky and want to look at it with a magnifying glass. I painted over it with a rough textured automotive paint similar to truck bed liner. Just so nobody is surprised it is not a perfect job and the picture should show the Rippling. This seems to be common with these boats that the console would do this, I found one for $1,800 but I thought that was ridiculous so the repair stands. Look at the sticker of the American flag and that is in the area where these ripples are located.
- Brand new winch and strap for the front of the boat that is designed to pull twice the amount that the boat weighs.
- The trailer just had work on it a few years ago with all new surge brakes and brake lines again I have all receipts.
- Brand new LED lights in the rear that are submersible. The trailer lights are currently flickering a little bit here and there I'm going to try to fix this
- Outside of boat looks really good, but there are a few marks here and there because it is a fishing boat. Just got back from Canada 2 weeks ago from Lake Nipissing and got multiple compliments at the fishing lodge as well as people looking at it when we pulled off at rest areas in restaurants and they always ask about it because of its uniqueness.
- Motor is absolutely in exceptional condition..... again to sound like a broken record I have all the documents to back this up as well as willing to do a test run locally on a lake or the Ohio River to show you. I would guess that this motor has less than 500 hours on it total because we always trolled.
- Boat comes with multiple accessories such as a another brand new prop, the old injectors which need rebuilt but you can do so at a cost of $20 a piece as a backup, comes with an extra VST filter, and various other little things. Boat gets top-of-the-line oil as well as Lucas Oil additive. Lower-end has Lucas Marine racing gear oil in it and is fresh as well
- I weigh approximately 185 lbs and with fuel and tackle the boat will GPS right at 47 miles an hour.
- Has a hydrofoil on the back if you remove it you will probably get better speed but I keep it on because it helps the boat plane better and handle better.
- I know the complete history with this boat as I was with my father-in-law and 2002/3 when he ordered and when we picked it up. I have had it in my possession for over a year because he was unable to use it due to health problems and he needs a smaller boat.
- The trolling motor has the PED option on it. The charger for the batteries is located under the console you plug it in and it charges both batteries. 12 volt system for trolling, not 24. When one battery starts to run low you get into the compartment located easily and switch battery cables from one to another, noblifting of batteries. All the wiring from the trolling motor to the batteries themselves were given larger gauge wire that way nothing overheats and it looks pretty professional even though that is not speak as well.
- You can operate the tilt and trim on the boat from the front from the driver seat and obviously from the rear.-Has 2 built in bait buckets for live bait with water to keep it/them alive.
- The carpet may have a spot or two on it here and there but unless I pointed out you probably can't see it.
- The live wells and everything on the dash as well as all the gauges works as it should. You do have to watch the rear live well as I think it fills up a little more than what Tracker intended and it can slosh a bit but that's probably in every boat.
- This boat is 100% water worthy and is ready to go day one.
- This boat is probably worth around $14000 but I'm realistic.The console, which I already described, is the only thing on this boat that does not look at least above-average and it doesn't look that bad but it will never give anybody the problems and cracking ever again. Been in law enforcement long enough to smell scams so please don't try.
***Boat is located 55 minutes east of Cincinnati, Ohio. East Fork State Park is near for us to go over boat as well as Ohio river. If you pay through PAYPAL, ADD 3%.

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*** just spent around four hours repairing trailer lights flickering as listed in description. Lights nolonger flicker, 2 bad grounds located, crimped, liquid electrical taped, shrink wrapped. No more flickering!

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