/ / 1986 Hatteras 41C Convertible Sportfisher Detroit Diesel

1986 Hatteras 41C Convertible Sportfisher Detroit Diesel

1986 Hatteras 41c

  • Make: Hatteras
  • Model: 41c
  • Type: Sport Fisherman
  • Year: 1986
  • Location: Port Aransas, Texas, United States


Thank you for viewing my listing. I have owned the Hatteras for a year, and have not been able to travel to Texas as frequently as I had planned. With that said, I am listing it as an auction to the highest bidder, because I am forced to sell it and can't travel frequently to show it. My plans were to live aboard when I retired, but circumstances and health concerns have made that an impossibility, at least for the foreseeable future. I would rather take a loss on her than to see her sit and go to waste. Nothing is more sinful than seeing a classic car sitting in a lot with weeds growing around it; I won't allow this classic to become the maritime equivalent of such a wasteful act. Make no mistake, it is not "turn key," and I can provide additional specific, detailed photos of any area that you wish. I purchased it from a wholesaler, who bought it just before foreclosure, to turn a quick profit. The previous owner was in the middle of a complete paint job when he ran out of money in a divorce. I spent a great deal of time viewing boats and making a list of features that best suited my needs as a live aboard yacht, to be home ported in New Orleans, ultimately. I decided on the Hatteras 41C, due in no small part, to the Hatteras' reputation and the "floor plan," so to speak. The Hatteras name and reputation speak for itself; if you are not familiar with them, even the most casual research will reveal that they are the standard by which others are judged. More importantly, Hatteras is known for sterling product and customer support. The arrangement of most motor yachts required a constant climbing of stairs just to go from room to room, which was not only inconvenient but created a really confining atmosphere, especially for use as a live aboard. A single weekend on a MY convinced me that the relatively single level arrangement of the Convertible/ Sportfisher was the only option for me and mine, particularly when loading laundry, groceries, or whatever provisions you have. The transom door makes access from the pier infinitely easier than motor yachts, which is an even bigger consideration for entertaining guests. 90% of prep work has been completed, with all bright work and railings removed (all components present and packaged) and most sanding performed. The Navionics are to be considered non-existent. What has not been removed is obsolete and would be impractical to remain in service. A bottom job is in order, and can be performed by the staff where it is dry docked. The transmission and throttle controls are free and functional, but I planned on replacing the instrument clusters on the fly bridge with modern LED/ LCD prefab units, which are very inexpensive and available here on ebay in a variety of styles. As far as the mechanical parts, I will do my best to describe in the narrative, but I will also be posting the spec sheets, manuals, etc. The engines are the venerable 2 cycle 6-71 Detroit Diesels, marinized by Covington. They are 455hp TIB Turbo Intercooled- Bypass. I wanted the Detroits due to my experience with them in other applications. They are the epitome of simplicity and reliability. In true DD fashion, they are more difficult to shut down than they are to start. Detroit Diesels were the saviors of fire departments during Hurricane Katrina, and all of the floods before it. As long as the air intake was above water, vehicles ran. The more delicate and complex power plants were "dead in the water." They are not only economical, but forgiving in severe duty applications, and they have global support and parts availability when traveling the Caribbean down to South America. I wanted the proven, non- electronic Detroits ONLY. More specifically, I wanted the 6-71 series because of their inline 6 configuration, because of the simplicity and economics of having only one head, one exhaust manifold, one turbo, etc. compared to the V6 or V8 models requiring replacement of two of everything. I intended to add crash valves, but never got that far. The transmissions are 1.5:1 reduction. The 25" Michigan Wheel props and 2" shafts are in great condition with no issues. The generator is a replacement Cummins Onan RTO (Running Take Out) that was installed when dry docked, but was never completed. The electrical main, fuel, and cooling lines need connecting. The A/C units work, but haven't been run this year due to the GenSet installation. The engine room fire suppression system is charged, but obviously out of date for inspection. The tankage is as follows 400 gal diesel, 150 fresh water, and 50 gal waste water. It's sound and serviceable, with good flow on all plumbing fixtures. Waste water tank present and functional (I can not believe some people actually remove them). Very importantly, the single fuel tank is fiberglass, which is standard fare for Hatteras products. This obviates the need for frequent inspection and service, like rust abatement that steel tanks require. It is equipped with fresh water and raw water wash down pumps, as well as exterior bait refrigeration which do not work to my knowledge, but do not appear serviceable. The forward master stateroom has an elevated queen size island berth with integrated drawers and ample hanging closets, as well as night stands. Access to the head is provided directly from the master stateroom, and has a full stand up shower and vanity top with additional storage. A starboard side guest stateroom has it own hanging closets, nightstand, and longitudinalbunks, with drawer style stowage below. The galley up / salon combo is open and airy, sans a windshield to leak or fail in rough seas. Things such asEisenglass,combing, and cushions will need to be provided by new owner, they were not included. The bridge is pictured, with excellent tuna tower. There is a fly bridge console, however upper steering and controls will need repair or replacement if you wish to operate from the top of tower. There was storm damage from the neighboring boat in dry dock; its starboard outrigger struck my port side outrigger and damaged it, but I planned on removing them both anyway. The port side sliding salon window was broken, and was quoted between $400 and $600 to replace, depending on tint and style of glass. There is a Plexiglassheet to weatherproof it until a permanent replacement is chosen.The trim tab seals leak, but pump is good and system is functional. That is generally considered part of a thorough "bottom job" Hynautic steering present and holding pressure. I have clear Texas title in hand, it of course is not encumbered in any way. It is dry-docked at a facility that offers wet and dry storage, as well as yard service or self service storage. That storage is transferable, if desired. The boat has NEVER seen water damage or storm damage, and its HIN based history report reflects it. Again, it is not "turn key." It will require fluid changes, new batteries (WHICH I WILL PAY FOR UPON SALE), minor instrument and wiring work, etc. That said, it is worth the opening bid price in tower and engines alone, the boat is solid and would be great for anything from a project boat to a foundation for complete restoration and overhaul. It is certainly sought after by those who insist on the rugged design of Hatteras' "golden age" as opposed to newer, lighter construction. I have priced it accordingly. I have described it to the best of my abilities, please ask any questions that I didn't answer. This is my "maiden voyage" into this class of boats, so I am not an authority or expert by any means. I have never owned anything larger than 21' prior to this. Additional pics are available on Google Cloud, TheFlyingDeutschmanIV. I will be adding pics of documents, ID tags, part numbers etc. etc. Good luck bidding and Godspeed!https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tGyB9wCPkNdtMrCvEx8eRApaOFFYTQo2
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