/ / MAD Hovercraft Tornado Incomplete Kit, Liquidation Price, Air cushion vehicle

MAD Hovercraft Tornado Incomplete Kit, Liquidation Price, Air cushion vehicle

MAD Hovercraft

  • Price: Contact seller
  • Condition: New
  • Make: MAD Hovercraft
  • Location: Draper, Utah, United States


This is for a MAD Hovercraft Tornado Hull with parts listed below. These parts are being liquidated and you will never find these at such a good price again.
This craft is new and has never been run nor has it had an engine installed. It comes with the handles and skirts pre-installed. You will need to decide if you want to convert it to a two engine craft (e.g. for racing), or fiberglass the rear splitter back into place for single engine use (the splitter was removed as it was going to be a dual engine craft). It does not come with an engine or drive, but we can provide guidance on sourcing engines, engine installs, etc if you need it. If you have any questions, please ask. For excellent performance you will want an engine that is lightweight (we recommend 2 stroke engines that weight under 70 lbs including exhaust). For 2 stroke engines you only need 35-50 hp for good to excellent performance.
Depending on your engine setup, your hovercraft should be able to reach 50 mph, though we'd never recommend operating any craft at high speeds without proper training. With 50+ hp you will certainly be able to reach 60mph+ if you dare. 90hp and above results in too heavy of an engine your craft will be too back-weighted, though an experienced pilot will still be able to operate the craft.
- Fiberglass Hull (drilled & trimmed, ready for use)
-4 Corner handles
-2 inside grab bars
- Duct (we can send you the cone & fins if you want to install stator flow that's recommended)
- 2 Rudders
- rudder connector rod & elbows
- Skirts
- Steering cable
- handle bar (just the top portion you grab onto, you'll have to weld the vertical shaft & remaining steering components)
- Rubber bumper trim
- Skirt nuts/bolts
- Skirt Clips
- Drain plugs
- And other miscellaneous parts
- Install your own steering
- Seat
- Engine, Engine Frame & Drive to Propeller
- Propeller (will provide sourcing info)
- Electrical, and any other similar smaller hardware you may need/want
Pick-up is free. Freight is usually under $1,000, commonly $650-$750 range and it will arrive on a large pallet. Please send zip code and we can quote you. Specify if you need it shipped to a residence as they charge additional for this service. Regardless, it's best to have a fork lift to offload craft. You might be able to have several people lift it though if no fork lift is around.
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