/ / 1988 Chaparral 2300 Mercury I/O with Trailer Tracy, CA | No Fees & No Reserve

1988 Chaparral 2300 Mercury I/O with Trailer Tracy, CA | No Fees & No Reserve

1988 Chaparral 2300

  • Make: Chaparral
  • Model: 2300
  • Year: 1988
  • Location: Tracy, California, United States


This Item Is Sold "AS IS" and Must Be Picked Up In:
Tracy, CA 95377

C0VID-19 UPDATESItsDonated is taking all steps necessary to allow boat donations and purchases to take place in a safe manner. Payment and pickup deadlines will remain in effect however the ability to comply with local, state and federal shelter-in-place rules may differ from state to state. For these reasons, we ask that you only bid on local items and if you are experiencing any issues regarding pickup, please message us through eBay and call us at (530) 747-7748. Thank you for your assistance as we all navigate these very challenging times together.
IF YOU HAVE A FEEDBACK SCORE UNDER 10:Prior to bidding on this item, bidders with less than 10 positive feedback will be required to message us through eBay with their CONTACT NAME, WORKING PHONE NUMBER and VALID MAILING ADDRESS. If you fail to provide the above information, ItsDonated reserves the right to cancel your bid and block you from bidding on all items listed by ItsDonated. If your contact information does not match the information with eBay, your bid will be cancelled. We reserve the right to call you and verify your information.This Ad Description Reflects 100% of Information Furnished By the Donor from Our QuestionnaireBoats listed by ItsDonatedhave been donated to benefit charity. The donor has providedItsDonatedwith all the information about this boat and all statements regarding the listing are under no guarantee unless otherwise stated. The donor is not a mechanic or marine professional. His or her statements may contain inaccuracies due to lack of knowledge of boat maintenance repair. The donor also has providedItsDonatedwith the pictures. Please review all pictures in this listing for the most accurate description of the item.BOAT DESCRIPTIONBoatThis is a 1988 Chaparral 2300 Powerboat, measuring 23' in length. Donor says they are the second owner, and it has low hours and a fairly new interior. They indicate, however, it needs a floor board about the ski bin to be replaced. They are not aware of any other notable damage or issues. They are including an anchor.
Please refer to the photos for a more accurate depiction of the boat. The photos were provided by the donor, and represent all of the pictures provided to ItsDonated. In the event the pictures do not show specific areas of the boat, bid for the worst but hope for the best.

EngineThe engine is a Mercury 454 I/O with 300 hp. Donor says they tested the engine last month and it was working well.
This is an older, donated engine that will likely need serious repair or replacement. Despite donor statements, engines typically need some form of maintenance, upkeep, and/or repair. A non-working engine could mean a host of problems including, but not limited to, cracked block, water pump, etc. Please assume that the engine(s) are not working before placing a bid.

TrailerA double axle trailer with 2" hitch is included in this listing. Donor says it is in working order and the tires are good. They have the title and current registration for the trailer.
Please keep in mind this is an older, donated trailer. In some cases, trailers have not been moved in years and may need additional service/maintenance. Please have a backup plan in case the trailer is not functional. Unless specifically stated above, title documents are not guaranteed.

StorageThe boat is currently stored on the included trailer at an outdoor storage facility. Donor says the storage is transferable, and they pay a rate of $85 per month.

Boat PaperworkDonor has current title to the boat and can provide at time of pick up. The registration is expired.

The only documents included with purchase are those specified above. You will receive a "paid in full" invoice from ItsDonated upon full payment. Please plan accordingly if you require a bill of sale as one is not included unless otherwise stated. We do not charge an additional document fee like other auctions for this reason. In the event you need additional documents, ItsDonated will charge a fee particularly if notarization is necessary. Documents will be made available at the time of pickup and in limitedcircumstances will be shipped only to a United States address.

  • The winning bidder will beimmediately invoiced for the deposit which is due within 24 hours.
  • Following the deposit payment, the winning bidder will receive aseparate invoice for the balance, which is due within 3 days of the close of auction.This invoice will be sent to your email address registered with eBay and will appear within 1 business day after deposit payment. Failure to pay the balance on time will result in a late fee.
  • The winning bidder willreceive donor contact information once all funds have cleared (deposit, balance). PayPal payment isthe only method of online payment and we prefer use of a credit card or Paypal balance (payment with an eCheck or other funds can cause undue delay).
  • Upon pickup, please inspect your purchase for any material differences betweenthe listing information andthe actual boat condition. Moving the item OR putting Title/Registration documents in your name voids our refund policy (see "Local Pickup" and "No Warranty" sections in the terms and conditions below).
  • If you win the auction and have any questions, please email us at info@itsdonated.com. You can also call us at (530) 747-7748.
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    President's Day Weekend Friday, February 12,2021- Open with Limited Hours Monday, February 15,2021- CLOSEDFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQ: Do you charge any additional fees?A: ItsDonated does not charge any fees. The final value is the price paid.
    Q: What does "no reserve" mean?A: No reserve means the final bid is the winning bid. Yes, boats do sell for the initial list price.
    Q: Why is the deposit sometimes $1.00 less than the starting bid?A: ItsDonated charges a deposit on all boats. eBay Motors automatic invoicing system does not function correctly when the deposit amount matches the final bid. Accordingly, you will be able to pay the deposit directly through eBay, and we will invoice you for the remaining balance (yes, even when it's $1.00).
    Q: Can you hold the boat longer than seven days?A: No. ItsDonated requires the winning purchaser to pick up the boat within seven days of auction close (unless otherwise noted above).
    Q: Can I see the boat/inspect the boat/contact the marina before I win?A: No. In order to respect donor privacy, we do not provide any donor contact information to anyone except the winning bidder following payment. This includes boat location, marina information, etc. Additionally, the IRS rulesthat govern donated auctions require the transaction to occur at arms-length. Accordingly, we cannot and will not provide anyindividual with moreinformation or access over another prospective bidder.
    Q: Can I pay with a check or cash when I pick up the item?A: No. ItsDonated only accepts payment through Paypal.
    Q: When is ItsDonated open?A: ItsDonated is located in California and is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm PST. ItsDonated is closed for all federallyrecognized holidays, which are listed above. All questions are generally answered the following business day.
    Q: Can I Purchase a Vessel that is Not Local?A: We STRONGLY recommend only purchasing local items.While you can purchase any of our vessel listings, local purchases allow you to see the boat before transporting and give you an opportunity to inspect the vessel without incurring substantial cost. Only personalinspectionwill qualify for a full refund. Statements by marina employees and the like will not be accepted as validrepresentationsof the vessel. ItsDonated will not reimburse any costs or travel expenses associated with moving the boat (including but not limited to gas, lodging, purchase/rental of trailer,airfare, outside consultation, survey, etc.).
    Q: Do you provide shipping?A: We do not provide shipping. While we are not affiliated with any shipping companies, we recommend you contact KF Servicez LLC at (727) 424-4782 for transport costs. They are DOT and MC licensed and all they do is move boats. Give them a call or check out their website at www.kfservicez.com. We strongly recommend purchasing local so you can personally inspect the boat because once you move the boat, it is yours and you will not receive any refund for any claims. Please also check outwww.shipitweb.comfor alternate shipping options.
    Q: What happens if the boat is not as described?A: If the winning bidder arrives and the condition ofthe boat is grossly different from the listing description, do not move the boat and do not take possession of any documents. Take clear pictures of anydiscrepancies and message us the photos in full resolution through eBay. We will not refund a depositwithout photos of the discrepancies (verbal statements will not suffice for a refund). Marinatestimonies of a vessel are not acceptable. Once you move the boat, it is yours (see terms and conditions).
    Q: What happens if my payment is late?A: ItsDonated relies on your timely payment as does the donor. Late payments will be subject to the filing of an unpaid item, relist of the vessel and/or an additional late payment fee. ItsDonated understandsunforeseencircumstances do occur so please call us if you are experiencing a payment issue.

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    • General information, surveys (if included) and photos are included to help you approximate the general value of this item and are not intended to be used by the donor or ItsDonated as a definitive list of equipment, accessories for valuation or final sale inventory.
    • Additional items displayed in the provided photographs are not necessarily included in the auction unless specified in the item description details above.
    • ItsDonated does not guarantee or warranty the presence of any item that is not specifically listed by the donor in the item description details above.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to not assume the inclusion of any item unless specifically listed in the item description details. If your bid is contingent on the inclusion of an item not listed in the item description details, please contact ItsDonated through the questions forum. If ItsDonated cannot provide verification that an item is included in the auction, the buyer/bidder must assume the item is not intended to be included.
    • Almost every ItsDonated auction starts at ninety-nine dollars. Some of our items will sell for the list price. Please consider your bid before you finalize.
    • If your question is not answered in a timely manner, please refrain from bidding or assume the question is not part of the listing.
    • Items are often donated because they are not being used and are not in working condition.
    • Many of the donated items need work with varying costs. Bid accordingly.
    • ItsDonated discloses ALL information provided by the donor.
    • The donor of this item has provided all information regarding the listed item. ItsDonated does not physically inspect any items and cannot verify or validate these statements. Statements are under no guarantee. Items is sold as is and must be picked up at the specified location.
    • This item has been donated to benefit The Eye Defects Research Foundation. Please bid knowing that you are helping a charity.


    • Deposit is due within 24 hours of auction close and balance payment is due upon invoice.
    • ItsDonated only accepts payment via Paypal and does not accept checks, cash, money orders, or any other form of payment.
    • You will receive a Paypal invoice the email address affiliated with your eBay account (check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox)
    • Click the yellow "pay" button in your email which will link you to Paypal; on the invoice, click the blue pay button.
    • The deposit is a non-refundable deposit, and purchaser will forfeit said deposit for failure to comply with any terms.
    • ItsDonated reserves the right to relist any item if purchaser fails to meet any of the deadlines including, but not limited to, security deposit payment within 24 hours of auction close, full payment within 3 days of auction close and pickup within 7 days of auction close. Failure to pay the initial deposit and/orbalance on time will result in a late fee. ItsDonated is happy to work with purchasers but purchaser must contact ItsDonated.

    Local Pickup

    • Local pickup is the responsibility of the purchaser and purchaser must take physical possession within seven (7) days of the end of the auction.
    • Purchaser is solely responsible for arranging the local pickup of this item and should contact the donor before taking any steps towards picking up the boat.
    • The donor and ItsDonated will not provide any delivery options.
    • Donors make their item available for pickup and purchaser agrees to work with donor to arrange pickup.
    • If you choose to use a shipping company or a third party to remove the boat, please be sure they inspect the boat before they move the vessel; once the boat is moved, you own the boat and void any chance for a refund.
    • If purchaser believes the item is grossly misrepresented, purchaser should not take possession of the item and needs to contact ItsDonated through eBay messages immediately with a description of the misrepresentation. Purchaser will also need to include clear images that document the misrepresentation for verification purposes. Failure to contact us through eBay orprovide photographs that clearly document thediscrepencieswill result in forfeiture of the deposit. Verbal statements will not qualify as evidence ofdiscrepancies.
    • Statements by marina agents will not be accepted as accurate representations ofvessels. Please do not rely on representations by agents, harbormasters, andthe like as they are not the owners of the vessel.
    • If the purchaser or purchaser's agent fails to take possession of the item within the 7-day time frame, the purchaser is liable for any costs donor may incur for storage and/or moving the item to a longer-term storage facility as well as a $98.00 relisting fee, unless the boat is misrepresented (and purchaser contacts us through eBay and provides photos that clearly document the misrepresentations) in which case all purchase amounts will be refunded to the purchaser).
    • Only United Statespurchaser's and no international purchasers. We will not mail documents or create documents for international purchasers...no exceptions.

    Fees and Taxes

    • Purchaser is responsible for any and all local, state and/or federal taxes and/or fees associated with the purchase, registration, title transfer or licensing of this item.
    • Please check your local tax obligations before bidding.

    Transaction Cancellation

    • ItsDonated reserves the right to cancel thistransactionat any time and shall not be held liable for any such cancellation.
    • In the event that a boat is not available following payment, purchaser agrees that ItsDonated liability is limited to the purchase price. ItsDonated will immediately refund the entire purchase price through Paypal to the purchaser.
    • Purchaser may forfeit both deposit and balance purchase price if vessel becomes unavailable after the 7 day pick up window.
    • Purchaser agrees that ItsDonated liability is limited to the purchase price.ItsDonated will not reimburse any costs or travel expenses associated with moving the boat (including but not limited to gas, lodging, purchase/rental of trailer,airfare, outside consultation, survey, etc.).

    No Warranty

    • There is NO WARRANTY provided with this auction item.
    • The item is sold as is with no warranty, express or implied.
    • ItsDonated is not responsible, and bidders shall not hold ItsDonated responsible for any warranty items, including, but not limited to the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defect of any item sold herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set-aside will be made on account of any imperfection, defect or damage.
    • Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type.
    • ItsDonated makes every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with the item at the purchaser's request prior to the close of sale, but these efforts too shall not be interpreted as a warranty of any kind.
    • ItsDonated assumes no responsibility for any repairs whatsoever.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, boat listings do not include title to either the boat or trailer.
    • Trailer, if included in auction, does not include title and should be considered as a free item included with vessel. Unless otherwise stated, trailer is only included for storage purposes.
    • ItsDonated attempts to resolve any issues whatsoever in purchaser's favor. Gross misrepresentations will be viewed in favor of the purchaser.
    • ItsDonated attempts to resolve any issues whatsoever in purchaser's favor. Purchaser agrees they will contact ItsDonated directly by e-mail at info@itsdonated.com or by phone at (530) 747-7748 with any problemsbeforeleaving any negative feedback through eBay. Leaving negative feedback of any kind before contacting ItsDonated, whether founded in truth or not, constitutes libel and purchaser agrees to compensate ItsDonated accordingly for any injury.
    • Please note ItsDonated has not physically inspected the item or the engine and cannot verify their functionality. If the listing indicates the engine is not functional, it may or may not be repairable. Accordingly, by bidding, you agree the engine condition is as is with no guarantee.

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